7 May 2023 Rock ‘n’ Roll Lives On in Romania

9 April 2023 “At Least It Pays to Be Funny”: Of Feminism, Creative Agency, and Lipstick in Teya & Salena’s “Who the Hell Is Edgar?”

8 December 2022 My Best-Liked Songs of 2022

18 November 2022 And Then There Was Evil: Morality and Identification in Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None

16 October 2022 A Summary (with Commentary) of Ninety One’s June 2022 Zamandas Interview

25 September 2022 Where Am I Going, Where Have I Been?

11 December 2021 On Seeing Micky Dolenz and Mike Nesmith in Concert Two Months Ago

3 June 2021 Song Review: Oh My Girl, “Dun Dun Dance”

17 May 2021 Paying Tribute to Lloyd Price

27 April 2021 On Mad Men’s Loss, Infinite’s Next Steps, and the Perpetual Problem of Labor Freedom in Idol Pop

23 April 2021 What Has Happened to Mad Men and What Does It Mean for Q-Pop?

23 March 2021 An Unfairly Cranky Tour of Kyle Ruh’s Discography

19 March 2021 Book Review: Love Lettering, by Kate Clayborn

26 February 2021 Song Review (plus Illustrated Guide): Irina Kairatovna feat. De Lacure & Hiro, “Wu Kang”

19 February 2021 The Podcast Life with ZaQ and Ace (and Me Making Mountains out of Molehills)

11 February 2021 Of Over-identification, Bad Fan Behaviors, and Choice

9 February 2021 Song Review: Yubin, “Perfume”

5 February 2021 Song Review: Ninety One ft. Irina Kairatovna, “Taboo”

2 February 2021 Song Review: SOPHIE, “UNISIL”

28 January 2021 Song Review: Ninety One, “Oinamaqo” (with additional thoughts on their recent online concert)

24 January 2021 If the Jew Is Forever Alienated from America, What Is the Half-Jew Alienated From?

21 January 2021 I Have a Mailing List!

14 January 2021 “How Can You Write About Pop Music at a Time Like This?”

10 January 2021 A Biased Defense of Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love,” in Response to a Biased Criticism of Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love”

30 December 2020 Song Review: Bala & Ne1tron, “JJBSQ”

27 December 2020 My Best-Liked Songs of 2020

3 December 2020 Of the Red Cross, Communication, and My Good Blood Turned Bad

30 November 2020 Song Review: Ninety One, “Señorita (Tekketekke)”

25 November 2020 Song Review: Moonlight, “Mama uryspanyz”

18 October 2020 A Minimally Helpful Guide to Ninety One

16 October 2020 Against the Queenification of Blackpink

13 October 2020 Song Reviews: Kim Namjoo, “Bird,” and Solar, “Spit It Out”

8 October 2020 In Which My Bot Therapist Throws Me Some Softballs

1 October 2020 Who Could Possibly Object to Cute Girls Laughing Their Way Through Relay Dances?

27 September 2020 On the Dissolution of Sevenlight and the Future of Q-pop

24 September 2020 A Cranky Response to an Alex Ross Piece on the Environmental Footprint of Digital Music

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