About Me

Hello. I’m Jessica and I specialize in opinions, all one-of-a-kind and homemade (though not necessarily beautiful).

This is my space for telling stories, coming to conclusions, backing up my arguments, wondering, and generally entertaining you and making you think at the same time. A lot of my writing at the moment is about pop music, specifically idol pop from Korea and Kazakhstan, but I’m also a former journalist with a PhD in city and regional planning, so expect to see more than a few opinions about non-pop-music-related topics.

If you like what you’re reading here, you might enjoy The Ninety One Series, an essay series I published in October-November 2020, about idol pop, soft power, geopolitics, fan responsibility, how our choices in music-listening and fandom might or might not change the world around us, and some attractive Kazakhstani dudes.

I also semi-regularly appear on The Singles Jukebox. Here’s a rundown of my other published work. If you sign up for my mailing list I’ll update you on what I’m writing, plus recommend other people’s writing worth your time, once a fortnight or so.

This blog is hosted by Blot, with the Fira Sans font. The URL is from a Limozeen deep cut. The poster is from the the Library of Congress’s set of free-to-use posters originally commissioned by the Works Progress Administration; it was done in 1936 by Shari Weisberg, an artist who made a number of other prints for the WPA at the time. (Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of biographical information available about her online otherwise.)

Social media and my mental health do not get along, so I’m generally hard to reach on your favorite platforms. You can DM me via Twitter but email is better. Either way I appreciate you stopping by.

And now with that all out of the way, have some Infinite.

Last updated February 2021